How successful is our method?

Prof. Gilbert Norden, from the Institute of Sociology at the University of Vienna researched our treatment method independently. The results speak for themselves!

  • 63% of the participants are successfully smoke free at the end of therapy!
  • An additional 12% reduced their use of tabacco at an average of 13,4 cigarettes per day.
  • These results lead to the conclusion that, 75% of the participants respond positive to our treatment method.

Our treatment method is also supported by further results, especially considering that 90% of the participants are heavy smokers. Compared to other studies: R. Schoberberger and M. Kunze report in their 1999 published study “Nikotinabhängigkeit. Diagnostik und Therapie” a meta analysis of 28 investigations using nicotine chewing gum, -patches and -spray with the results being that 15% of the smokers profit from the nicotine substitution methods and quit smoking. In another study with 286 smokers using Nicorette-Inhalators they mention a success rate of 28% – 2 weeks after treatment. We find, these results confirm our treatment method extraordinarily and can give hope to many people who want to kick the nicotine habit. [divider]

Documented success is important in order for you to have insight into our work:

I have good news and bad news! L. actually did quit smoking–he has not smoked since the session! I, unfortunately, did not last very long – only about one week….I was wondering if there would be the possibility of having my reinforcement session some time tomorrow?

– W.K.

I am still a non-smoker. Thanks a lot for all your help.

– B.H.